Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Are Not Alone

Another day has gone

I'm still all alone

How could this be

You're not here with me

You never said goodbye

Someone tell me why

Did you have to go

And leave my world so cold


sofinqoraso said...

بجد بعشق الأغنية دى
بالموسيقى باللحن بكل حرف فى الكلمات
did u have to go
and leave my world so cold
رسالة لناس كتير اوى فى حياتنا

حبيتها ووجعتنى

REEMOO said...

rabna yeb3d ay wag3 3nk ya nono
ana kman b7b el o3`nya de awy web7s bkol kelma feha bs da aktr copleh b7so f3lan
nas kter btb3d 3nena web3dha bn7s en 7yatna mn 3`erha bardo awy wemlhash t3m wentstna yerg3o bs lel2sf da mesh by7sl
bs fel nehaya el7yah btstmr
merci ya 2mr for words :D